Is That Even Legal?

Defamation: It's a Legal Weapon! Could It Happen to You?

April 26, 2021 Attorney Robert Sewell
Is That Even Legal?
Defamation: It's a Legal Weapon! Could It Happen to You?
Show Notes

Sydney Powell; Dominion; Rudy Giuliani; the NYT;Johnny Depp; Fox News; CNN...Defamation lawsuits involved all these folks, could one involve you? Have you been defamed?:

Meet Ted Boutrous, America’s most respected 1st amendment lawyer who explains what defamation is all about. 

The Hollywood Reporter once called him Donald Trump’s “First Amendment Nemesis.” He’s perhaps America’s preeminent media lawyer and Supreme Court guru, defending the 1st Amendment. He's known for defending famous defamation suits, representing clients such as Joy-Ann Reid. He’s also been known to argue defamation cases for plaintiffs, such as in the current case of actress Ashley Judd against Harvey Weinstein. Listen in as Ted Boutrous joins host Bob Sewell in a freewheeling and UNCENSORED discussion about what is and what isn’t defamation. Also learn about Boutrous’ new podcast “The Two Teds,”  featuring himself and former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson, discussing the high profile cases handled by two of America’s leading litigators.

 In this episode:

  •  Bob becomes a business owner of imaginary “Bob’s Plumbing,” and is most certain he has been defamed. What should he do?

  • Learn the difference between business defamation and personal defamation and who has to prove “actual malice.”  

  •  When you decide to sue and put your reputation on trial…who has the burden of proof?

  •  Is the world growing SLAPP happy? What are SLAPP suits and why do they matter? 

  •  Why should there be fewer defamation lawsuits in America?