A Squatter Can Take Your Property! The Adversities of Adverse Possession

A Squatter Can Take Your Property! The Adversities of Adverse Possession

Show Notes

In this episode Bob plays guest on his own show as the amazing Sarah Clifford, Esq., interviews him about adverse possession.

Adverse possession, basically, is the legal process by which you could lose your land without permission or payment  to another party. A squatter! Bob sees this process in action ALL THE TIME, as does Sarah, although when they heard about it back in law school they thought it was old school fiction (think of the adult child that does not inherit the house, but stays in it after the parents pass on, for example and eventually claims it his).

Sarah has decided to camp out on Bob's front lawn, cook up some bratwurst, and eventually own his yard.  Is That Even Legal?

Key Show Notes:

  • Know what you own!
  • What is “adverse possession” and its elements

(actual possession; exclusive possession; open and notorious possession; adverse and hostile possession; continuous possession; plus the statutory period)

  • What is Quiet Title?
  • What is Tacking?

In Arizona alone, a single adverse possession claim can be asserted for up to 160 acres. Don't be adversely impacted by adverse possession. Listen to Bob.

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