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with attorney bob sewell

“The life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience.”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Law: What you need to know.

What you might not even believe!

The law impacts every aspect of life. This podcast looks at the age old question…is that even legal? Your neighbor, your dog, your money, your vote, your privacy, your fave celeb. Law touches it all. 

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and greatest Bob interviews.



greatest Bob interviews.


some bitesize samples.

Get the gist of some of Bob’s great guests and topics in 60 seconds or less. If you like what you hear, click through for the full episode.

About Bob

Bob is an accomplished attorney practicing in the area of probate law. He likes it because it’s not only “sex, drugs and rock and roll,” but it is as real as it gets in terms of the human experience coming face to face with the legal frameworks of society. Bob’s seen hundreds of people only start thinking about their rights, and the laws that control them, when life forced them to. He made it his mission to give people access to justice through understanding and interest in the laws that impact our lives in so many ways…and to push back on things that don’t make sense. He also seeks a movie deal.

About Bob

"This show is a blast.
I get to push back to find out Is That Even Legal? From the best experts in the world."


in the court...

Here are some of the coolest lawyers you’ll ever meet who help Bob break down the law.

Russ Guest Speaker
Russ Richelsoph
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Russ Richelsoph
Criminal Defense Lawyer
Mike Guest Speaker
Mike Carey
AI Guru
Ike Guest Speaker
Ike Devji
Asset Protection/Wealth Lawyer
Ike Devji
Asset Protection/Wealth Lawyer
Merchandise Guy
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Nothing says Is That Even Legal? Like a beautiful piece of merch from your favorite podcast! Mugs, Shirts, Notepads! It’s all here, and perfectly legal.

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Are you wondering if something

is even legal?

Every day it happens. You see something, you hear something, you read something, and you say…THIS CAN’T BE LEGAL! Is that even legal? We want to hear from you! No show idea is too zany…and if you have a guest who has expertise in a certain area, we will consider them too!

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