Are the Robots Invading Your Privacy?

Are the Robots Invading Your Privacy?

Show Notes

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Hey hey, AI…is this where privacy comes to die? There is more to these pixels…than meets the eye! Artificial intelligence maybe taking your privacy!

Last time Bob had Mike Carey on the show, he assured us that robots would not take over the law for at least five years. Now, chatGPT has taken the world by storm and virtually everyone has head of it…if not already used it. But when you ask it a question you may be exposing private data about yourself. And, AI likely already knows all about you anyway. Is That Even Legal?  Lawmakers, scientists, and many others are very concerned about AI…but everyone also loves it!  What's next?

Listen in as Bob and AI guru Mike talk about the present and possible future dangers of AI to your privacy.  But first….here's a description of the show as written by a robot (in less than a minute — the show 43 minutes long!):

In this podcast, the speakers discuss the issues related to AI privacy. They talk about how AI is being used in various industries to improve efficiency and productivity but also raise concerns about the privacy of data. They explain how AI algorithms work by analyzing large amounts of data, and if this data is not protected, it can be misused by cybercriminals.

 The speakers also discuss the importance of AI privacy regulations and how governments are working to implement them. They talk about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it has set a standard for data privacy regulations worldwide. They also discuss the challenges of implementing such regulations and the need for collaboration between governments, businesses, and individuals to protect personal data.

 Overall, the podcast emphasizes the importance of AI privacy and the need for individuals to be aware of their rights to privacy and take steps to protect their personal information.


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