Ban TikTok!?!?!?!!? Is That Even Legal?

Ban TikTok!?!?!?!!? Is That Even Legal?

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Can TikTok's data practices be trusted, or are there deeper privacy risks lurking behind its addictive interface? Privacy expert K Royal joins us to dissect the critical question, “Is that even legal?” This episode uncovers the sophisticated algorithms driving TikTok's uncanny content personalization and the significant privacy risks entailed, such as potential keystroke logging and extensive data access. We compare TikTok's practices to other social media giants, exploring why these concerns have led to global governmental crackdowns and what it means for user privacy and data security.

We also tackle the contentious issue of banning TikTok in the United States, balancing national security concerns with First Amendment rights. This debate has vital implications for small businesses, artists, and influencers who depend on the platform. Could a comprehensive federal privacy law offer a better solution than an outright ban?  Royal weighs in with her expert insights, underscoring the urgent need for robust legislative action to protect consumer privacy across all media companies.  Listen in for an enlightening discussion that highlights the necessity for Congress to prioritize consumer data security in the digital age.

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