Blindsided By a Conservatorship? What a movie can teach you…

Blindsided By a Conservatorship? What a movie can teach you…

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Join us in a deeper exploration as amazing New Mexico Estate Planning lawyer Stephanie Woods and I delve into the convoluted legalities surrounding the true story of Michael Oher, whose life journey inspired the Hollywood blockbuster, 'The Blind Side.' In this episode, we critically examine the peculiar conservatorship held by the Tuohys – his guardians, and the baffling circumstances surrounding his supposed “adoption.” Recent developments have emerged post our recording, shedding more light on this complex tale.

The narrative takes a new turn as a Tennessee judge recently announced the termination of the conservatorship agreement between Michael Oher and the Memphis couple who had taken him in during his high school years. While this decision marks the end of the conservatorship established in 2004, it opens a Pandora's box of financial disputes which continue to linger. The heart of the matter lies in Oher's claims that the Tuohys had misrepresented the conservatorship as an adoption, leading him to believe in a familial bond that legally, never existed. Further, he alleges that this misrepresentation allowed the Tuohys to control his finances, using his name, image, and likeness for their enrichment.

Listen in as we navigate through the legal intricacies of conservatorships, adult adoptions, and the significant implications surrounding solid estate planning. Michael's case underscores the potential financial repercussions when such legal arrangements are not adequately addressed or understood. Despite the termination of the conservatorship, Michael's fight for a thorough accounting and rightful compensation of the finances earned off his name and story forges on, unraveling more questions on the ethical and legal aspects of conservatorships and adult adoptions.

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