Can the federal government require you to get a COVID shot?

Can the federal government require you to get a COVID shot?

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Today the Biden administration issued a sweeping plan aimed at battling COVID. That plan includes  mandating vaccinations for employees of companies  that have more than 100 workers.  Is that even legal?

We begin this episode with a true story. It's a story of a former pastor and his son. They were both quite healthy.  In the town where they lived, there was an ordinance that required everyone of a certain age to get a vaccine from a terrible disease, or go to jail and pay a fine. They objected to this mandate – asking why, if they were completely healthy,  should they be forced to take something into their bodies they didn't trust.

Sound like a familiar story? Is it happening in your neighborhood, town, state or country? Well, this story happened in 1905. The disease was smallpox, and the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Listen in and find out why that story may just impact your life.  Bob interviews one of our favorite guests: Robert Ellman, former Solicitor General of Arizona and former General Counsel of the Arizona State Legislature.  He was with us when the first quarantines came down…now he helps us answer: If the government wants to mandate vaccines…Is That Even Legal?

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