Can The State Keep Your Kids Off Social Media? Should it?

Can The State Keep Your Kids Off Social Media? Should it?

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From Politico: There have been 27 different bills proposed across 16 states pushing for kids’ privacy and safety regulations by February of this year, according to analysis from the Future of Privacy Forum. Many of these bills share similarities, like banning targeted advertising to children, or banning addictive designs from social networks.

Numerous states are taking up kids’ online safety bills this year, a handful are including parental oversight requirements as part of their strategy. Lawmakers in Maryland and California have proposed such regulation. Utah last month wrote it into law.

But, in trying to protect children by requiring  that their parents oversee their social media use…and requiring that socials ASK children to prove they are children…thereby divulging private information…are the laws designed to protect minors actually going to infringe on the privacy of those minors?

Bob wanted to know!   He invited Romaine Marshall, one of the country's top cybersecurity and privacy lawyers to join the show…Romaine happens to be HQ'd in Utah…and has been a dad to a teenager…who best to ask about these types of laws…and what they mean for privacy going forward.

BUT WE COULDN'T STOP THERE...Because computers control everything in our society…from power grids to watersheds to traffic systems…cybersecurity is critical to our country's safety…and Romaine has been busy protecting  the world from bad hackters…listen in.

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