Can We Please Curtail The Corruption?

Can We Please Curtail The Corruption?

Show Notes

It does not matter what your political position may be or how you vote. No matter your views, you probably feel that there is WAY TOO MUCH CORRUPTION  – those who use taxpayer dollars to enrich themselves.

Is That EVEN LEGAL?  Of course not.  The question is, what can be done about it. Can the law curtail corruption?

In this episode, join Bob as we reach into the Mississippi Attorney General's race, where one candidate has made fighting public corruption a hallmark of her campaign. We don't endorse candidates, and we certainly offer equal time to Greta Martin's opponent, but Mississippi's high profile case involving the use (or misuse) of $90 million earmarked for needy families – YOUR TAX DOLLARS, was a good exhibit A of what corruption looks like. 

Brace yourselves as we delve into a shocking tale of corruption that has rocked the state of Mississippi! It's a microcosm of corruption country-wide.
Imagine a system where the rule of law is upheld and those in power are held accountable? Is it a fantasy…or can Attorney Generals actually make it happen?

Give a listen as we venture into the thorny terrain of prosecution and jurisdiction in Mississippi, probing how concurrent jurisdiction could be employed to prosecute those implicated in this sordid saga. We ponder the potential of unearthing more crimes beyond the $77 million fraud and question why the state's political system has been allowed to operate  seemingly unchecked for so long. 

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