Designer Divorces: Can You Keep the Dirty Laundry Private?

Designer Divorces: Can You Keep the Dirty Laundry Private?

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You've read the tabloids…the salacious divorce details of the world's rich and famous. Yet, somehow other equally powerful people manage to dissolve their unions with virtually no disclosure to the public, and maintaining a modicum of a relationship.  How is this done? Meet the “designer divorce,” better known as the collaborative model.
Divorce takes an astronomical toll on couples, their families, friends and their personal, financial and personal lives. Yet statistics show 50% of couples will divorce. When that happens, a typical contested divorce not only is costly, but it exposes a couple's issues in a very public way. The collaborative model is different. While not for everyone, it's also not only for celebrities!
Bob's guest is collaborative divorce guru Cristi McMurdie…listen in and learn about an alternative approach to untying the knot.

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