Do Bad Actors Use Bankruptcy as a Shield?

Do Bad Actors Use Bankruptcy as a Shield?

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Many say there is a coming recession the likes of which this country hasn't seen in years. If you are behind on your bills with signs you may not recover, or if your business needs to restructure debt…bankruptcy is the fresh start you need. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer soon…before things get bad. It is, in a way, a shield you can deploy as you get your debt under control and move forward with a new life.

But what about bad actors who use this shield? Is That Even Legal?

Can bankruptcy be used to protect those who commit crimes?

On this timely episode, Bob speaks with bankruptcy law guru and attorney Ron Holmes – exploring everything from what happens when someone defames mass shooting victims' families (and then files bankruptcy due to lawsuits), to churches that go bankrupt over mounting sexual assault claims.

The good, the bad…and the legality…of bankruptcy.


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