Does Your Lawyer Need to Be a Jerk?

Does Your Lawyer Need to Be a Jerk?

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Law is expensive.  Clients often feel underserved even when their lawyers get paid handsomely.  The legal profession also faces a pandemic of drug abuse, depression and alcoholism that is much higher by percentage than that of most professions. Are these facts tied to the stereotypical “lawyer” approach where the lawyer is a bull dog and a horrendous human being who will do anything to win? 

Meet Libbey Van Pelt. She's a Stanford trained lawyer and formal federal prosecutor who just launched a federal defense and personal injury practice based…on love:

Here is some of what she says:

  • The most effective trial lawyers are not gladiators. Litigation need not be scorched-earth combat, and your lawyer should not be just a paid mercenary on your behalf. 
  • I listen to my clients and serve as their trusted guide, counselor, and advocate. I’m responsive and engaging. More than just legal knowledge, I offer emotional intelligence, warmth, connections, and strength of character. 
  • Righteous anger and indignation is not where true power lives. The key to our power is our capacity to lead from a place of love, not fear.

    Do you agree?  Does Bob?  Listen in as Libbey makes the case for a paradigm shift in law and discover whether nice lawyers – and more importantly their clients…win.

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