Moms Are Undervalued By Insurance Companies – Is That Even Legal?

Moms Are Undervalued By Insurance Companies – Is That Even Legal?

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Bob is joined by Megan Whiteside, a leading Washington D.C., personal injury lawyer and host of the popular podcast: Mom  Life and Law. See:

Did you you know your case's value in an accident is likely calculated by a giant computer?  Or, that  the settlement  you will be offered is suggested by an adjuster who usually assigns no value to the impact of an accident on mothers – even though the law says they can and they should?

Did you know that lawyers who have a history of settling accident cases may get a lower case value calculation from insurance companies because they don't fear the lawyer will go to court?

Trust us. They fear doing battle with Megan Whiteside.

Listen as she talks about how best to protect yourself, and as she offers special insights about being a mom fighting for her clients' rights.

Megan says “lawyer moms have at least two full-time jobs. We are the badass women in the courtroom, conference room, or Zoom room. And, we are the badass women at home, who carry the mental load, support our partners, and keep the tiny humans alive. We make both worlds better, based on our unique abilities. We get shit done. “

The purpose of her podcast, Mom Life and Law?

“Under the weight of others' expectations, we often put ourselves last. It's easy to feel like we are failing. I am here to show you not only that you are good enough, but also that you deserve to thrive. “

Great wisdom regardless of your profession. Listen in with Bob as he visits with Megan.

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