Pandora Papers! Stashing Cash Offshore…

Pandora Papers! Stashing Cash Offshore…

Show Notes

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Welcome to the Pandora Papers Episode!

Some of your favorite pop stars…the leaders of foreign governments and other high profile people have been exposed by “investigative journalists,” for their “secret” dealings overseas!

And, some states in the U.S. enable  private transactions and accounts that protect the name of individuals from both in and outside the United States...


Bob is joined by Ike Devji, a nationally-known Asset Protection guru with nearly 20 years of experience helping Americans use offshore tools legally.  Listen in as Ike helps sort out what is legal, what is illegal and what is legal made illegal through stupidity!

Some highlights:

There is NO SUCH THING AS A SECRET where the law is concerned.

Tax evasion is illegal.

That Magic Bag of Beans Trust you bought from a radio commercial…?  It may just land you in jail.

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