Pet Waste Pandemic – Suing over poo. Unleashing law enforcement.

Pet Waste Pandemic – Suing over poo. Unleashing law enforcement.

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Ready to dive deep into the nitty-gritty, the good, the bad, and the downright stinky?

 Join your favorite host Bob Sewell and civil litigation maestro, Marshall Hunt, as we take you on a wild journey through the unexpected and surprisingly compelling world of…you guessed it…dog poop!

In this episode, we're not just talking sh*t, we're discussing the real legal ramifications tied to those little brown 'presents' left behind by your favorite furry friends.

Can you sue your neighbor when his pet soils your lawn repeatedly? Can you be arrested for your pet's waste?

Together, we'll scoop up the facts about how Arizona is taking a firm stance against poo-littering pet parents. Don't know your obligations when your pooch poops? We've got you covered, as we 'doggie bag' all the need-to-know details, including the hefty fines that might be hiding in those not-so-secret deposits.

But it's not all bad news and 'dirty' talk; we're also digging into the exemptions for those with disabilities. We'll explore the responsibilities and rights of service animal owners in our canine-caring community.

Don't let the subject matter fool you – this isn't just a stinky situation, it's a fascinating exploration into the intersection of pets, law, and civic duties. So, leash up your curiosity, fetch your headphones, and let's get ready to roll in some seriously intriguing insights!

Grab your poop bags, folks! It's time to take a walk on the wild (and wonderfully woofy) side of pet law in Arizona. Hold your noses – it's going to be an informative, engaging, and surprisingly fun ride! So, sit back, relax, and get ready to get the 'scoop' on the legalities of dog poop. Trust us, this is one conversation you won't want to 'leave behind'!

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*** Listeners please note…the show makes reference to a Supreme Court case involving a dog toy…that is labeled as dog poo…which prompted a trademark infringement lawsuit from Jack Daniel’s. (Give this show a listen…you’ll understand!!!) Our point was that this subject can get so weighty the nations highest court is not above dealing with it. We didn’t tackle the trademark law nuance, but if you’re interested…our friends at the Wilson Sonsini law firm have the goods here. The case was decided a couple of days after our recording. A bad verdict for the doo doo folks:

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