Reefer Rights? Weed, The Workplace and What's Legal

Reefer Rights? Weed, The Workplace and What's Legal

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Reefer Rights? Okay, now it’s legal in some states to recreationally smoke or do edibles. What does that mean if you employ people?  In this episode, Bob talks with Employment lawyer, Krizia Verplancke , on the highs and lows of legal weed for employers and their  employees—both medical and recreational. 

If you are an employer: 

  • What should your polices be for employees as it relates to marijuana? 
  • Should you have a policy? 
  • How do you measure impairment? 
  • Someone can have traces of THC but not be impaired, what then? 

 For employees: 

  • What are your rights if you have a medical marijuana card? 
  • If you use marijuana recreationally, what should know about protecting your employment? 
  • Do you know what your employer's drug policies are? 
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