Signs, Fines & Battle Lines – What Every Citizen Should Know About Election Laws!

Signs, Fines & Battle Lines – What Every Citizen Should Know About Election Laws!

Show Notes

Its that crazy season.  Every street corner is littered with signs. Your neighbor backs a candidate/issue you hate and clutters their yard with annoyance.  Your email is flooded with spam.  It's chaos, clutter and controversy – its election season and it probably has you asking IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?

Bob talks with election law guru Roy Herrera about all things election law…


 Are they first amendment protected?  Who can post them, where can you post them, can you remove them if annoyed…Hear the story of the sign maker and the town employees who battled his work! In some states  any shenanigans like defacing or removing a political sign is indeed a crime…

  • What about ballot initiatives?
  •  Robo calls?
  • Fair Election Laws?
  • Voter ID?
  • Do Dead People Vote?
  • Campaign Finance Law?

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Can you put up illegal signs in your town?

Are sign ordinances constitutional? Is political signage protected by the First Amendment?

Can you put up signs in a public area during election season?

If we don’t require you to identify who you are, any person is going to go out and put up signs for good reasons.

What are the limits on political spending?

Do we have a voter id law in Arizona?

When people say voting is “voter ID”, what are they talking about?

Voter ID laws vs voter registration requirements.

What are the two categories of voters that may have a problem with proof of citizenship?

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