Taylor Swift Fans Sue Ticketmaster Over Ticket Pricing! Could it lower ALL concert prices?

Taylor Swift Fans Sue Ticketmaster Over Ticket Pricing! Could it lower ALL concert prices?

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When “Swifties went through the wringer to get tickets to Taylor Swift's  “The Eras Tour,” one among them was not about to “Shake it Off,” when she saw what she thought was a potential pattern of fraudulent behavior and antitrust violations by Ticketmaster. That fan was attorney Jennifer Anne Kinder. Kinder is one Swifty who is now saying to the ticket-selling behemoth…”Look What You Made Me Do,” launching  lawsuits, websites and a social and traditional media campaign to #takedownticketmaster.
 Bob, ever on the lookout for inadequate antitrust regulation or enforcement…and like all of us…LONGS for the days when concerts were affordable enough to enjoy frequently…asked Jennifer to join him to sort out the issues.
 What started as a way to shut out scalpers, she says, has resulted in complete reduction in power for the average consumer in the live entertainment ecosystem. 
And Kinder is not stopping with Swift fans…having also sued on behalf of fans of Beyonce. Look for more action on behalf of heavy metal, classical, EDM, & rap fans.

 Sounds like some real “Vigilante Sh*t!”  Listen In!

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