The Blockbuster Episode: The Laws of Hollywood

The Blockbuster Episode: The Laws of Hollywood

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Ever wonder how those incredible movies get financed?  How all the deals go together?  How your favorite stars get paid?

Ever wonder what happens to all those amazing endorsement deals when an entertainer goes a little cray, commits a crime, or embarrasses himself and all the brands he represents?

Do the music and movie stars really put a lot of crazy things in their contracts?

One of the biggest trials of 2022 was the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial (which spawned a movie in and of itself).  How will Depp rehabilitate his brand? Is it possible?

In this episode Bob interviews the lawyer working on his latest project, Bianca Goodloe…who has more movie credits as a lawyer (think projects like Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter) than most actors! Also joining in this blockbuster episode is attorney Caroline Mankey, another Hollywood lawyer who represents motion picture studios and production companies, major media companies, film libraries, actors, comedians, television personalities, musicians, and artists.

Now the real question…Can these amazing guests get Bob in a movie?  Listen in to find out!

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