The Patient Died…Can the Practitioner Still Practice? When a License is on the Line…

The Patient Died…Can the Practitioner Still Practice? When a License is on the Line…

Show Notes

The rules appear uneven. The outcomes seem almost random. But what happens when a doctor, a dentist, a nurse, etc., makes a mistake…or is negligent? Can they practice or do they go to jail?  In this episode, you are going to hear some wild stories…

If you are a professional…what do you do? If you are a consumer, how do you protect yourself?

Bob explores the razor-thin line between human error and negligence in the healthcare industry with professional license lawyer and industry expert David Williams. We take you on a journey through the complexities of healthcare licensing, where the fate of professionals hinges on the decisions of regulatory bodies.

The contrast between an Arizona dentist who maintained his practice despite a history of complaints, and a Tennessee nurse facing severe penalties for a single mistake sets the table for our conversation.

We tackle the arduous process healthcare workers endure to obtain and retain their licenses, and the psychological warfare they face under the scrutinizing eyes of licensing boards. Our guests shed light on the self-corrective mechanisms within the industry, revealing the delicate balance between upholding patient safety and supporting the well-being of medical practitioners.

What do you do if you are a practitioner and you have a complaint? Make a mistake?  How can consumers protect themselves, report mistakes?

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