The Supreme Court Rules on Vax Mandates…What's Next for Employees and Employers?

The Supreme Court Rules on Vax Mandates…What's Next for Employees and Employers?

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Last Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that OSHA does NOT have the power to enforce Biden's COVID vaccine mandate for employees of large employers (if you are a regular listener to this podcast, you were no doubt NOT surprised by this ruling) the rule had just barely gone into effect, requiring employees at large businesses get a vaccine or test regularly and wear a mask on the job.

At the same time, the court is allowing the administration to proceed with a vaccine mandate for most health care workers in the U.S. The court's orders Thursday came during a spike in coronavirus cases caused by the omicron variant.

In light of the ruling, some companies have already suspended their vaccination requirements of employees. Some companies, like Boeing, have delayed mandates until its fate is certain, while others, like Citigroup, have said they are going ahead regardless.

In this episode, Bob brings on employment law guru Krizia Verplancke to talk about the implications for employers, employees and healthcare workers.

Listen in to learn:

Can you sue your company if you get COVID on the job?

Will the government try again with a new rule?

Employers can still enforce their own mandates, but will doing so be more fraught?

Will companies that were on the fence still introduce mandates?  Should they?

Healthcare workers who refuse to be vaccinated may reduce the number of healthcare workers on hand to treat COVID. 

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