What on Earth is a Covenant Marriage? Do You Have One? Should You?

What on Earth is a Covenant Marriage? Do You Have One? Should You?

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Covenant marriage recently made headlines when the new Speaker of the House took his position in Washington, D.C. He has one, and so the media tried to figure out just what it was.

They painted covenant marriage as quirky and as weird as they could make it, but the law’s roots are based in a good intention…try to stem the tide of divorces across the land. 

“No-Fault” divorce laws are blamed by some for the dwindling permanence of what once was one of our most cherished relationships…the institution of marriage. 

So, “covenant marriages,” were invented in some states as a legal way to try to “help” couples stay together, with the state getting involved. 

If you made marriage covenants, are you in a covenant marriage?  Listen in to find out.

As with most laws Bob examines, there are lots of unintended consequences when the government tries to solve something through laws. Divorce law guru and law firm partner Melissa Benson makes her debut on the show to answer the questions. Covenant Marriage: Do you have one? Should you have one? What happens if it blows up?

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