When the Knives Come Out…Probate Really Can Be Full of Drama….

When the Knives Come Out…Probate Really Can Be Full of Drama….

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There's a reason movies like Knives Out…and Glass Onion are so popular. Human nature never comes more to the surface then at the time of a death…particularly if there is an e$tate involved!

How realistic are those movies? Is there really a will reading? Can there really be a dramatic change of plans at the last minute?

Come learn about the probate process as Estate Planning lawyer and podcast guest host extraordinaire (yes she does have a “knife out” for Bob's job…) Sarah Clifford interviews the master himself…BOB! Taking him through the dramatic scenes and circumstances of the Knives Out movie to see what is really real and what is fiction.

Bob, whose aspirations include the movie business himself…is a seasoned probate litigator who prides himself on telling his clients…and his listeners in 86 countries…exactly how it is. So come get the real script.

While it is not necessarily true to the movies, Bob says probate litigation rarely lacks drama and often is full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Listen in!

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