Which Trust Can You Trust? Will Your Estate Plan Leave Your Heirs High and Dry?

Which Trust Can You Trust? Will Your Estate Plan Leave Your Heirs High and Dry?

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Welcome to the definitive Estate Planning podcast episode.

1. Can You Trust Your Trust?

2. If You Are One of the Thousands of Business Owners Planning to Sell Your Business This Year…How Can Your Protect Your Wealth  Once You've Accomplished The Sale?

The parent passes and the prospective heirs say…we are in good shape. We have a trust!  Then they find out…as guest attorney Alan Soelberg describes it…with a gut punch…that the trust they have doesn't apply to their situation. This happens far too often!

The airwaves and newsfeeds are flooded with ads for estate planning and trusts these days. Which ones can you actually trust?  Many Americans find out when it's too late that filling in fields online and getting the document printed out and notarized does NOT mean you are in good shape with your estate plan. Listen why.

If you sell your business without estate planning and proper asset protection, you could pay up to SEVEN FIGURES more in taxes than you need to.  This is the year of the exit…the year of the silver tide (boomers selling their business). Find out why your business sale and your estate plan/asset protection go hand in hand.

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