Who Gets The Dough After A Death in the Family? The Podcast You Must Hear

Who Gets The Dough After A Death in the Family? The Podcast You Must Hear

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Your mom passes and suddenly women from around the neighborhood are showing up at your dad's door with casseroles. Soon, dad marries one of these “casserole ladies.” Fine. But after a few months or short years, she begins to tell dad that YOU are evil and should be disinherited. He acquiesces. Now he has passed, and you and your siblings get nothing, according to his will. Is That Even Legal?

Casserole Ladies, AB Splits, Beneficiary Designations and ERISA…it's a recipe for complexity unless you know the right lawyer.  In this episode, guest host and estate planning and trust administration lawyer Sarah Clifford interviews Bob, who's expertise is probate law.

So often after death someone in the family is left disappointed or destitute because they didn't understand how the law worked. From a widow who loses half her house, to the children who watch the “casserole lady.” get rich while they are left with nothing.  Bob has seen it all, and he has some tips on what you can do to understand and control who gets the dough.

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