Why Lawyer Mental Health Matters…To Everyone

Why Lawyer Mental Health Matters…To Everyone

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Is there a mental health crisis drowning the legal profession? Is there a higher level of depression, anxiety and alcoholism among those licensed to defend our laws and freedom than other areas of the population? If so, does it impact society as a whole?

And…what can be done?

Our guest, Claire Parsons, an employment attorney and mental health expert. Claire weighs in on the intricate ways attorneys grapple with mental health issues, and the crucial role of self-care. With Claire's expertise, we navigate the powerful tools of mindfulness and compassion, revealing how they can bolster lawyers' capabilities and manage stress whilst dealing with challenging individuals. 

The conversation takes an even more critical turn as we uncover the silent enemy of isolation and substance abuse that lurks behind many legal professionals' facades. The magnitude of these issues on an individual's mental health is substantial, emphasizing the pressing need for open conversations and support within the legal community and beyond. Because, as our listeners know…the law impacts everyone.
As advocates for mental wellness, we bring to you the Surgeon General's guidelines for workplace mental health, underlining the importance of a supportive work environment where employees feel safe to seek help. The power of social support in handling stress is undeniable, so listen and get involved in easing this challenge.

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