Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Law?

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Law?

Show Notes

 Whether you know it or not, AI  – artificial intelligence…is highly involved in your life. Can the law keep pace?

AI is already completing sentences for you, creating buyer profiles about you, learning about your driving habits…trying to help you drive your car, and doing all sorts of other calculations that impact you.  AI creates fascinating issues in the law. 

On this episode we talk with Harvard law trained artificial intelligence patent lawyer Mike Carey. Mike not only files patents on behalf of some of the world’s biggest technology companies, but he also has written software that helps write those patents and many others’ – AND files the patents with the PTO (patent and trademark office).   In this episode:

  • Mike says AI can lie. 
  • He answers the question…is AI alive…?
  • Is it Biased?
  • Will it take over ALL jobs eventually?
  • What can and should the law do?

Mike flags some other upcoming legal battles…such as; 

  • Are AI treaties perhaps needed between superpowers?
  •  GPT-3 – the language that can write an entire research paper by itself. But it can “learn things” that aren’t true….what are the legal implications of lying AI?
  • AI is used in hiring…known as automated employment decision tools…but are they biased? In New York, there are laws on the books that require employers to eliminate AI bias in hiring https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/navigating-new-york-city-s-artificial-1566015/

 Listen in…the ROBOTS ARE COMING!


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