You Just Signed A Contract You Never Read or Understood! Is That Even Legal?

You Just Signed A Contract You Never Read or Understood! Is That Even Legal?

Show Notes

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Every day we download apps, purchase products, sign up for services and legally bind ourselves at the click of a button or flick of an e-signature.

A staggering 91 percent of mature adults surveyed admit they sign contracts without even reading them. 97 percent of younger adults in the same survey say they don't read before they  “accept.” And, as is the case with many contracts today…even if you read them, chances are you won't understand them without a lawyer – Is That EVEN Legal? 

Harvard law trained lawyer and technologist Jonny Allred joins Bob to talk about what can be done to make contracts more understandable. Jonny is joined by law student Trevor Cook – the first-ever recipient of the Is That Even Legal Scholarship for suggesting a great episode and guest.

What you might be signing away when you click yes:

  • Right to a jury trial
  • Right to have a dispute resolved in your own state
  • Your first born child (WHAT?  listen to the episode to hear about that!)
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