Your Food May Not Contain What You Think It Does!

Your Food May Not Contain What You Think It Does!

Show Notes

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Is it really “natural” food? (hint, there is NO definition from the FDA)
Does it really have fruit in it, or just “flavoring?”
How much beef in a “beef,”   fast food item is “reasonable?”

What if the package is half empty whey you buy it?

 What if it is baby food and contains dangerous metals?

If a cow eats GMO grain, is it's milk natural?

As host Bob Sewell would say…what the hell is “natural food?” and what is “free range,” or “grass fed?”

Should you sue over your food?! If you do…what do you get if you win?

In this episode, Bob interviews food law guru Ivan Wasserman to discuss. everything from Pop Tarts to Froot Loops to Red Bull.  For good measure, Ivan does some “Probiotic comedy!”

From the American Bar Association:

“The food and beverage industry continues to face increasing scrutiny over labeling and advertising. Despite the pandemic, the number of class actions targeting the food and beverage industry increased last year and shows no signs of slowing down…

…given the competitive plant-based protein segment, the food and beverage industry should expect a substantial uptick in litigation. 

The year 2020 saw a 10-year high in food and beverage class action filings. Overall, there was an 80 percent increase in class action filings from the prior year. The upward trend in class action litigation and the burgeoning area of plant-based products suggest that the business of food litigation is anything but stale.”

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